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Girls Girls Girls Tumbler

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• This Pearhead girl power tumbler is the perfect way to show off your feminine power every single day!

• Includes one translucent travel cup with a white twist on lid and reusable orange straw; “girls girls girls” is printed on the tumbler in red, orange and yellow; tumbler is hand wash only, not dishwasher safe, not microwave safe

• This reusable coffee cup is eco-friendly and is the perfect way to cheers to your girl power while inspiring yourself to be the best woman you can possibly be

• This girl power tumbler is the perfect birthday gift, holiday gift, daughter gift, mother gift, best friend gift or gift for any other occasion!

• Dimensions: 2.5”W (bottom) x 3.7”W (top) x 8”H (including lid); Straw: 10.8”H; Tumbler holds 22 fluid ounces